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Finding Your Authentic Self as an Asian American Woman

A mindfulness and self-discovery executive coaching program for heart-centered women with a big vision to bring to life. In community.

To begin exploring the answer to big life questions—such as 'Who am I?', 'What is my purpose?', and 'How do I align my values with my career?'—we must first nurture whole being -  a cohesive authentic foundation of mind, body, & spirit.

This course offers a mindfulness and self-discovery journey, unlocking the pillars of your true self: Self-Inquiry, Self-Love, Self-Worth, Self-Actualization, and Self-Transcendence.

A 6-week online program hosted by Mimi Chau. A 90-minute online live group coaching every week, by the end of your journey, you’ll have the mindfulness practice to bring harmony to your inner and outer world and a deeper understanding of yourself.

Why is this program essential for leadership?

Everyone can use a little zen time. Living intentionally is no easy undertaking in a high-demanding world. We were frequently taught that slowing down could mean missing opportunities, threatening our survival, or can generate feelings of shame for lack of productivity. All too often, our experience has been one of “overwhelm” and “burnout” in silence as we struggle to care for ourselves and those around us. But what if the problem is not that we do too much or too little, but that we’ve been going about it all wrong? 

Mimi Chau, a three-time entrepreneur, Reiki Master, Feminine Leadership Coach, and Sacred Plant-Medicine Advocate, helps others by incorporating holistic methods of meditation, energy, and sound healing and blends these modalities with executive coaching techniques. This fusion guides individuals on a transformative journey back to their essence and natural way of being. Through collaboration with experts and world-renowned coaches in spirituality and human performance, Mimi has discovered the key to fulfillment lies in the journey of aligning with one's true self. 

how to sign up for the program

Coaching Program Details:
  • Delivery: 6 Consecutive Weeks of 90 minutes of group coaching

  • Day & Time: Thursdays @ 12-1:30 pm EST/9-10:30 am PST

  • Dates: 7/11, 7/18, 7/25, 8/1, 8/8, 8/15

  • Learn more about the program curriculum and more:

  • Investment: In partnership with The Authentic Asian, we are offering MEMBERS a special program price of 2 Payments of $399 (Total program price of $798. This program is regularly offered to the public for $1,500).

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