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Payment & Funding options

Expense Through Your Company

A membership with Authentic Asian holds equal value for both you and your company. Engage in a vibrant community, live events, education, and thought leadership opportunities that enhance your leadership skills, benefiting your organization's growth. Consequently, many members discover their companies back their membership costs.

Example Pitch

Feel free to utilize the template email provided below to present The Authentic Asian to your manager, adjusting it as per your requirements.

Hi there,


I recently joined The Authentic Asian because of its outstanding membership community of female Asian American thought leaders. I believe it holds immense potential for enhancing my professional growth. The Authentic Asian champions AAPI women to break barriers and address the unique challenges and obstacles that we face in business that we need to overcome to succeed.


The quarterly membership enables me to:

  1. Attend monthly workshops and Fireside Chats focused on helping AAPI Female leaders succeed.

  2. Network with individuals inside and outside the community to facilitate more opportunity and success for the business and brand. 

  3. Support and training from experts that will ensure I have the tools and knowledge to reach my goals.

What's included?

Supportive Community and Safe Space: The Authentic Asian connects AAPI Female leaders who share similar values, interests, and professional backgrounds, fostering a virtual gathering of like-minded individuals in the same industry.

Meaningful Events & Impactful Content: Every event is crafted with a focus on purpose and fostering connections, led by a seasoned member with profound expertise in the subject. Expect concrete, actionable insights every time.

Training: Monthly workshops and Fireside Chats focused on helping AAPI Female leaders succeed. 

Who is involved in the community? The Authentic Asian has over 100 members from companies like Harvard Business Publishing, Zendesk, DocuSign, and Stanford University School of Medicine.

What's the cost? A yearly membership is $1,499 upfront.

I see a membership with The Authentic Asian as a vital part of my career growth and expertise, amplifying my influence within our company. The community, live events, educational resources, and thought leadership opportunities offered by The Authentic Asian will significantly enhance my leadership abilities, making this membership a valuable investment for both my professional development and [company name's] success.

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