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  • Is the community centered around Asian female founders and C-Levels?
    Primarily, yes, but if you really want to invest in yourself, we highly recommend that you apply. It’s recommended for Asian women who really want to grow and invest in their career, to take it to the next level.
  • Are the workshops and presentations centered around C-levels and management?
    The topics vary with a lot of insights on mental health, racism, being stuck in middle-management, and addressing our own barriers. 50% of the members are entrepreneurs, while another 50% are executives, so we provide programming that is applicable to both. As we grow, we will provide member-driven workshops that are more applicable to certain industries and career paths.
  • What is your vision with the community and how do you see it growing?
    50% of the people we’re letting in are female Asian American entrepreneurs. We’ve accepted some women in middle management or just starting out their careers (~5%) and want to invest in themselves and the network. We found that for Asian women who have already broke the ceiling, they are eager to get back, and they would like to provide mentorship to women just starting out. We really care about cultivating a supportive and inspiring community with really great, powerful women. Check out our members page, to learn more about our latest featured members.
  • Does it matter that I’m Asian Canadian and not Asian American?
    We just brought on several Canadian members! Very similar struggles. We also have several members in Europe.
  • A lot of times with communities, you don’t get that interaction or get to build authentic, meaningful connections. How do you see that happening with this community?
    We’ve been introducing some members who live close to each other so that they can meet in person and we’re hoping to eventually have a conference where everyone can meet in person. It’s a very unique community and the content we curate is one-of-a-kind. We’re the only community for powerful Asian American women, and we’re able to cultivate that really strong and meaningful network to support and uplift other women.
  • What do you think is the time commitment that you're looking for the members of the community to have?
    We recommend to watch, at the minimum, the recordings of the Fireside Chats and Workshops every month, which is at least 2 hours/month. As of next year, we will also have a mentorship circle that will require 1 hour per month. So for you to get value out of it, we would say 2 hours a month until we have the mentorship circles and then it will be 3 hours per month.
  • Are the meetings mostly virtual?
    Yes, they are virtual. Eventually, we will have an in-person conference with all the members, but we’re not at that stage yet. In 2024 there’s going to be mentorship circles and one-on-one mentorships.
  • What times are the workshops at?
    At this time, most of the workshops are at 12PM PST or 1PM PST. We’re listening to the community and what they want, so those times might fluctuate to accommodate the majority.
  • What kind of investment am I looking at to join?
    The cost is currently $1,499 annually.
  • Is the community live now?
    Yes! We have a community via the platform that has over 100 members. Looking forward to seeing you there, please fill out an application if you are interested in joining.
  • Do you offer any member discounts or scholarships?
    We do not offer discounts or scholarships at this time.
  • What is different about what you are doing compared to other communities like Chief?
    Where we're different is that Chief was extremely exclusive. As Asian American women, we strongly believe in the necessity of a safe environment because the path we're treading is already incredibly challenging. Many of our members didn't join seeking support for themselves; rather, they joined to extend their support to others. Having shattered barriers themselves, these women of color, these Asian Americans, are driven to empower the upcoming generation. We've united to support one another through the difficulties we face in our endeavors.
  • With a lot of executive level members, as well as founders, what does the community do for folks who aren't in either one of those categories?
    Our messaging primarily targets executives and entrepreneurs, reflecting the average budget of our audience. However, we also cater to a coaching group comprising women in middle management striving to break through the ceiling, VPs seeking advancement, and early-stage entrepreneurs gearing up for their ventures' launch. We're currently developing the coaching group page to actively encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds to apply.
  • Do you have any incentives for anyone that provides referrals?
    Yes! If you refer a member that gets the annual subscription, you get a quarter membership free trial! For every 4 members referred that get the annual subscription, that's a year's free membership for you!
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