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Creating networks that generate tangible business results

Give your female Asian American employees the edge by connecting them to a network of over 100 influential female AAPI executives, opening doors to fresh growth prospects for your business.

Become part of the extensive network of powerful women from over 100 top organizations.
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Keep your AAPI female executives within your organization

Enable your AAPI female executives to thrive by broadening their networks among peers who offer valuable connections and insights. Showcase your dedication and investment in your women leaders by furnishing them with a network of like-minded professionals.


The cost to replace an employee equals 1.5 times their annual salary.



Networking has allowed 74% of female leaders to save money for their teams or organizations.

(Morning Consult Study)

Tackle obstacles while tapping into innovation opportunities

The Authentic Asian network consists of a diverse group of experts poised to assist your company in uncovering innovative cost-saving methods and offering resources to tackle your leaders' business hurdles. Encouraging your AAPI female leaders to engage with these perspectives and stay updated on emerging trends will amplify their efficiency and effectiveness in their roles.

Expand your network of business connections

Female AAPI leaders leverage connections with global executives spanning various industries, harnessing their network to propel career achievements, ultimately creating enhanced opportunities for both themselves and your organization.


Networking is seen as a catalyst for new business opportunities by 85% of women leaders.

(Morning Consult)

Many studies indicate that the progression of women into senior leadership positions significantly boosts firm performance, profitability, and diversity.


Organizations that prioritize the advancement of women report as much as 61% higher revenue growth than competitors. (IBM)


Fortune 500 companies where women hold more than 30% of board seats outperform their peers in 11 of 15 sectors. (Fortune)


Organizations with the most gender-diverse leadership teams outperform the least diverse by 25% in profitability (McKinsey)

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