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Connect with over 200+ Like-minded Asian American Female Founders & Executives.

Join Our Exclusive Community for Support and Inspiration

A safe space for asian American female Leaders

Most Female Business Communities are broken.

They are too broad, and do not help Asian women address the elephant in the room -- the unique challenges and obstacles that AAPI Women face in business, that they need to overcome to succeed.

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We care about ensuring more female Asian American leaders succeed, whether it's closing that next sale, that next funding round, or even vying for that next 6-figure board seat.

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Supportive Community and Safe Space

We will utilize our platform to connect AAPI Female leaders who share similar values, interests, and professional backgrounds, fostering a virtual gathering of like-minded individuals in the same industry. Our aim is to assure you that you are not isolated and that there are others like you out there.

Game Strategy Plan


We will have monthly workshops and Fireside Chats focused on helping AAPI Female leaders succeed. Experts will be brought in from the outside to offer support, training and expertise to help ensure founders have the tools and knowledge they need to reach their goals.  

Image by Jack Carter


We’re helping you network with individuals inside and outside our community to facilitate more opportunity and success for your business and brand. 

MEET OUR Founder


About Misa chien

Misa Chien is an authentic leader who is known for inspiring others, and helps people feel less alone and more connected through positivity and transparency. 


Misa’s engaging and charismatic communication style stems from her experience through multiple forms of communication through being on TV (Food Network's Great Food Truck Race), speaking at renowned institutions (HBS), and gracing the runway for brands such as Neutrogena and Target.     


Misa's exceptional leadership and entrepreneurial style have propelled her into high demand as a speaker, podcast host, television personality, and has even earned her the distinction of being ranked as the 23rd most viewed woman on LinkedIn worldwide and #1 most viewed AAPI woman nationwide. 


Misa's goal in founding The Authentic Asian is to help as many AAPI Female Founders get support and succeed in all aspects of building their business, from raising money to increasing sales, and even gaining a six-figure board seat.  

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